USGS Topo Quad Anchorage A-7 SW, Alaska

Topo map Anchorage A-7 SW Alaska

Download Anchorage A-7 SW

Download Anchorage A-7 SW

Southern Latitude:

61.0000 N

Eastern Longitude:


Northen Latitude:

61.1250 N

Western Longitude:


Creek(s) in Anchorage A-7 SW

Middle Fork Campbell Creek,

Ice Climbing Route(s) in Anchorage A-7 SW

Black Lake Falls, Even Hookers Get the Blues, O’Malley Falls, Ptarmigan Pillar, Ski Tracks,

Lake(s) in Anchorage A-7 SW

Hidden Lake, Long Lake, Rabbit Lake, Ship Lake, Williwan Lakes,

Locale(s) in Anchorage A-7 SW

Ball Field, Bidarka, Black Lake Chute, North Wedgie, South Wedgie, Thin White Line, Windboard Love,

Mountain(s) in Anchorage A-7 SW

Bidarka Peak, Indianhouse Mountain, O-Malley Peak, Ptarmigan Peak, The Ramp, South Yuyanq’ Ch’ex, The Wedge, Mount Williwaw,

Pass(s) in Anchorage A-7 SW

Indian Creek Pass, Powerline Pass, South Ship Lake Pass, West Ship Lake Pass,

Peak(s) in Anchorage A-7 SW

Elliot, False Peak, Hidden Peak, Homicide Peak, Hope Mountain, North Avalanche Mountain, North Yuyanq’ Ch’ex, Shaman Dome, South Avalanche Mountain, South Powerline Peak,

Trail(s) in Anchorage A-7 SW

Avalanche Peak, Hidden Lake Trail, Indian Creek Pass Trail, McHugh Lake Trail, Ptarmigan Pass Trail, Ramp Trail, Ship Lake Pass Trail,